Privacy Policy


At Discover Enterprise Sdn Bhd, every employee recognizes the importance of personal information and thinks handling and protecting it appropriately is the first priority. We perform all the duties administration needed to protect personal information in our company.

About the handling of personal information

We accept the visitor information for the following purposes only and will not disclose it to any third parties.

  • Improvement of future service offer new information, treats of special service related to the customer.
  • Communication with customers
  • For Billing inquiries

When need to use personal information of the customers occurred beyond the objective range mentioned above, we will inform the customers. We will collect personal information of the customers only after the customers understand the purpose enough, and agreed on it. But when it was judged that disclosure was necessary in the following cases such as the cases required by the law, we will disclose personal information.

  1. When we get a prior agreement, consent of a visitor.
  2. When it was demanded by official inquiry based on a law from a public organization (a court of law or the police).
  3. When we judged it to be necessary to protect other customers, right of our company, profit, honor and trust.
  4. We make compliance program about the personal information handling and carry it out and try for protection of the personal information that I acquired by improving this continuously.
  5. About inquiries such as disclosure / inquiry / a correction / an offer stop of personal information, please fill in the form for further information. I have, therefore, a correction or deletion cope with the method that we establish before a rational period by any chance when there was wrong information.

In addition, even if we get a prior agreement, approval from the customer and offer personal information of the customer to the third party, we choose a reliable enterprise taking security management measures of enough personal information and prohibition of the purpose outside use of the enterprise concerned and a re-offer to the third person, and the handling / management supervises what is done enough regularly and makes sure of personal information protection.
In addition, we cancel an offer immediately when there was proposal of cancellation of offers from the customer to the third party